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No fishing But loads of prepping

First of all apologies for no blog posts over the past couple of months the first 3 months of the year are always busy with work. I have probably been the grumpiest man living apologies to the family how they put up with it i dont know.

No fishing butI have found the time to build lures though, late night or early mornings and a couple of hours on the weekend. Casting, Sanding, weighting and priming probably the most boring and time consuming parts of building lures but the end products are always rewarding and satisfying. I have made 100 lure bodies weighted and primed ready to do the art work so keep checking the blog out over the next year for the finished lures.

I know all my lures work they all have caught fish but this time i am working towards a better finished product something that looks much more professionally finished not that the fish are bothered.

I have been working on the following lures all cast from resin.

  1. 3 different sized rats one very small one aimed at chub.
  2. The imitation pike 22cm version which is looking pretty cool and better than the wooden version i made last year.
  3. the improve version of the roach swimbait which caught plenty of fish last year
  4. Burt
  5. 3 x saltwater lures
  6. The imitation Perch which has been so hard to make due to its detail and trying to make it swim right.

so over the next few months I have quite a few plans. first of all to make some more micro lures due to quite a few getting stuck in trees last season and my stock levels rapidly diminished. On the Youtube page to make a few more lure making films but these are so time consuming. Finally get out fishing.

I am going to finish off this blog with the 18cm perch such a hard lure to make because of its shape, trying to make it swim was hard. It started off as a swimbait and in then finally it ended up as a crank bait. pretty sure its going to catch a few little mistakes but it still looks pretty cool. pretty time consuming to make especially with all the scale that to a few hours each one done individually.




below: a few up and coming projects for 2018




2017 has been an interesting year with my fishing even though i didn’t pick up a fly rod its been quite a diverse fishing year from pike to LRF to Large mouth Bass,  catching alligators on lures and making my own lures where do i start.

2017 hit of to a great start with a 19lb crock off the river. The Old line thru trout doing the business again unfortunately the next couple of months i didn’t manage to get much fishing done due to work commitments.


Even though i didn’t manage much fishing thru Feb/March/May the lure making was still going on behind the scenes micros and my pike lures and managing to catch plenty of fish on them. There has been a vast improvement in my lure building over the past 12 months and especially from when i originally started 3 years ago.




new micros1

pike lure 4


Late April to May i got back into my salt water fishing hitting the wrasse and the Lrf.  Lrf fishing I caught species i didn’t even realise existed and species i new existed but never caught before. There is some crazy and beautiful little fish that live down in-between the rocks.

smelt1lrf sp2lrfbrix3



As we moved into the summer i did something i haven’t done for a while pick up a feeder rod and catch some bream then the rivers opened again back to doing something i really love catching chub on my own lures no monsters but plenty of them.


The End of the summer i went back to Florida catching a big Large mouth Bass was my target but it didn’t happen plenty of bass to be caught but no size to them i did manage to hook a few Gators though.



September through to December back doing the pike fishing. Fishing new venues and catching plenty of fish meeting new faces and making new friends.

the best strikes


Hopefully  2018 can be a varied as 2017 wishing you all a Happy new year “Tight Lines”.







The Chub Swimbait

I have been working on a imitation  chub Pike lure for a while now its been hard work. The plan is to cast the main lure out of resin so i have also been making master for that out of wood.

I have made 2 x 22cm wooden lures already these are not casting masters but actually for fishing. 22cm might not sound big in the world of big swimbait lures but this does look a big lure but with its body dimensions. The plan is to make the resin lure at 19 cm a pretty good all round size, in equivalent it will be around the same size as the 20cm savage gear line thru trout and the 18cm line thru roach.

The finish on the 2 wooden lures look pretty cool, the body art work has been started with aluminium tape to give it the shine then over the top of i have airbrushed a gold leaf paint to give it that gold chub look.  I have also carved scales and it looks a pretty cool with the epoxy resin giving a awesome 3D Finish. Its not been a easy task but finally i have got there but a lot of room for improvement still always aiming to improve.

A test swim showed its awesome slick s type movement this lure is going to get total smashed by some pike.







October/November has been a slow one with not really a lot of fishing done managing to get out a couple of times and found a few fish. The weed in the rivers has finally started to go and make fishing a lot easier. In some places there is still a considerable amount of weed beneath the surface meaning you have to fish very shallow to not catch it. I manage to find fish to around 12 pounds lateley, this pike below smashing me right under my feet on a Burt giving me a ferocious take when i was not expecting it.

the best strikes

I had a session up the rivers on the weekend forgetting how busy a weekend can be on the rivers bumping into many pike anglers, i had arrange a session with new friends which was hard going due to the waters being low and making it hard to catch fish. I still managed 6 small pike and 5 of those came on one the first pike  lure i had made. The art work on my lure wasn’t the best but it just shows that your lure dose not need to be painted by Van Gogh.



Hopefully We will get a little more rain just enough to push the water levels up but at the same time not to much so that the rivers become flooded. The colder wether should also bring those bigger fish on i need to get my self a levels twenty on a lure this year so close this year and last year with a lot of doubles and big doubles but unfortunately it just didn’t happen for me.

My lure making has been moving on with some great projects on the go. After the success of the wooden pike a resin pike is the main project at the moment. There is a lot more detail going into this lure. I plan to make the first one with hard fins then the second with soft fins. The pike has been such a successful project the movement and balance of the wooden swim bait was so good hopefully the resin version will be as good to.

rpike 1

The rats have made in a larger size  and made alterations to the design. I am working on new tails, more detail to the head and ears etc. I am also working on the weighting just getting the buoyancy right for stronger hooks.


I have started work on a Chub swimbait master the actual main lures agin to be cast out of resin. Carving scales absolutely annoys the hell out of me because i am absolutely useless at it. i have found this awesome fish scale tape online  and it looks great. Holographic silver and gold scales which are on a transparent backing, the backing can be stretched to suit the body of the lure.




A stunning fish

I am not going to give to much away yet but recently i have been fishing a few new venues which seem to be producing a lot of fish. I was a short session last night  i thought big line thru trout 20cm and it paid off.

This girl was wide and long but she had no reel depth. She could have so easily come off as i was a bit of a calamity nightmare on the night not setting my drag properly and when i hooked her i thought i was stuck on the bottom so i started yanking the rod then i felt the rod yank back. She really gave a good scrap  to.

She weighed 20lb 2oz  but my scales don’t seem to be working properly i will weigh 20lbs on another set of scales then come back to the scale i weighed her on and see if there is any difference i would have estimated around 18 pounds. I don’t know if it is me but i don’t seem to have a lot of luck with scales they always seem to brake on me.

If my scale are right thats my second twenty this month. Along with my a river fish of 21lb 3oz.




The pike fishing has started again

Its that time of year again and the pike tackle and lures are back out. Its my favourite time of year. With the fish starting to feed  in numbers and myself catching them in numbers. The bigger fish haven’t really shown for me yet i have had a couple of missed opportunities though.

I have a couple of new venues which seemed to be stuffed one of these venues i spotted a few decent pike which were not interested and the other venue contained a lot of small pike and when i mean small i mean micro.

I had to go back to the venue with all the micro pike taking the ultra light lure gear. It was such fun catching on my own lures managing to set 2 PB’s the smallest ever pike and the most amount of pike in a session. I have never seen anything like it in my life there was micro pike chasing small roach every where  it was like watching trout in the summer at las light topping on a reservoir unbelievable. I managed to catch one a chuck on my own hard lures. Catching them was like shooting ducks in a barrel.


Above and Bellow: The coolest pike in the world


I manage a few jacks on the proper gear but they didn’t really go much bigger than six pounds. There was plenty of pike around three to six pound and i had a lot of follows from pike up to eight pounds.

My local club Ponds have been hard and they don’t seem to fish until November this is down to the algae and the water turning over. But i have managed a few jacks since coming back from Florida. All these pike have been coming on my own lures which is so satisfying.


above and below: 2 x pike caught own my own lures.


I started back on the rivers up on the levels but there is still a lot of weed about also a lot of jack pikes i missed two big pike in the big doubles on the line thru roaches i bet if i had put a line thru trout on first they would have nailed them.

Alligator fishing

Well just going thru some of my go pro footage from Florida and just started editing the footage of my top water session for alligators. It was an experience its a shame the footage could have been a bit closer to the gator but i never fish to close to the water in Florida for the main reason there is plenty of gators around.

Both Gators took top waters a live target mouse and a savage gear frog. pissed i lost the mouse because it cost eight dollars and i hadn’t even had it for 24 hours.

fl bass 8

Above: a florida Alligator

Below: Live Target mice Alligator bait